domingo, 5 de mayo de 2013

Gold & Silver Physical Metals

                                       How I can receive my gold?

Within the EU and in those countries where there is no VAT and import duties, an investment bars are sent by an insured mail, to the other countries for the reasons of logistics bars are not delivered. The buyer himself incurs the obligation on a choice of a way of receiving the bars. Bars can be received in a place of their storage, under the preliminary arrangement in Germany. They will be delivered from specialised storehouse. They will be delivered from a specialized store. The preliminary application must be sent at least 5 days prior. All costs associated with obtaining an investment gold shall be made by the Buyer.



10. Gold has and always will be the most legendary precious metal in the world.

9. Gold is a real honest money, which was thought up by mankind during all of its existence.

8. As this irreplaceable natural resources and reserves of gold in the earth's crust is gradually
exhausted, gold will always be in demand and demand is increasing.

7. Gold is a hedge against inflation.

Unlike paper currency, stocks and bonds, gold never loses its intrinsic value.

5. Gold maintains its value through political and social upheavals, wars, and natural disasters.

4. Property values and high liquidity allows gold to really be the only international currency.

3. Gold bars is the safest way of investing in gold.

2. Gold should be part of every investment portfolio.

1. No other investment has the wealth preserving power of gold!

Which bars do I buy?

The company specializes on the sale of investment Emirates Gold bars from 1 to 100 grams, as it is the most popular and affordable gold bars for the most of the population. 

viernes, 1 de marzo de 2013

          Emgoldex                          Emgoldex            Emgoldex

Gold = Oro


  Sabrán que en los últimos años la rentabilidad del oro ha tenido un crecimiento extraordinario. Y esta tendencia se va a preservar en los próximos años.